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Tag Archives: 03-2012

A Perfect Weekend

All I need for a perfect weekend: Sun, more than 15°C, sunglasses, something delicious to eat and to drink. And this weekend the sun was shining and we had more than 15°C. 🙂 On saturday I was wearing my new Ice Watch for the first time, combined with simply colours. Enjoy the week.

Purple & Pink

The last days the weather was perfect. It’s great to wear sneakers again at last and to be outside without the need of wearing a scarf. Yesterday I was wearing my Striipe sneakers – I love the colours. 🙂 I wish you a great and sunny weekend.

Golden Details

Sorry guys, the last week was so busy, I couldn’t post my outfits. But today here is a new outfit post for you and I promise next week I’ll make more posts. 🙂 Yesterday was such a great day: 20°C, the sun was shining and I’ve been outside in the garden. Today we have 17°C, …
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I Love Miami

Another comfortable Sunday Outfit. Today I wore my I Love Miami Hoodie because he is just perfect for comfortable outfits and another reason is that I’m looking forward to my trip to Miami in April and I just can’t wait 🙂 How was your weekend? Hope you had great days. 🙂 P.S.: Remember the Giveaway …
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Sun, spring where are you? I’m so bored of rainy days. Today was a rainy day once again. After I had breakfast at Vapiano – because it was already 12 o’clock I decided to start the day without a normal breakfast with bread & co – I went for a walk along the Ku’Damm and …
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Here the photos from last Sunday. I chose again a comfortable outfit for this sunday. For the first time this year I was outside without wearing a scarf 🙂

Burgundy Sweater

What a great weekend! The sun was shining, we had 9°C – still a bit cold, but the sun is already warm. I’ve been a lot outside, relaxing and playing with Jimmy in the garden. How was your weekend?