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As I already told you, I really like the beaches in Sydney and I could spend everyday on one of them. 🙂 Talking about beaches I would like to introduce an Australian Sweimwear Label to you: Gypsea. Gypsea Swimwear Gypsea is well-known for it’s unique styles inspired by nature, travel and living a healthy lifestyle. …
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TGIF! Happy – almost – weekend, guys! 🙂 After one sport/ fitness post and one beauty posts it’s time for another outfit post, isn’t it? Since the last outfits were more chic, I wanted to share another sporty outfit for another beach day in Sydney. I’ve already been at Bondi and Coogee Beach, but yesterday …
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Aussie #styleshaker

Bye Bye stiff concrete hair styling, hello easy Down-Under-Styling! Well, I haven’t posted about beauty & styling on so far, but it’s never too late to start a new topic. I created the very first beauty post on in collaboration with Aussie, because I would like to introduce the Aussie #styleshaker, the Down-Under-Styling, …
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Keeping Fit with Adidas StellaSport

Keeping fit while traveling or staying in another country for a while isn’t easy and I’ll tell you more about how I’m keeping fit during my three-month stay in Australia pretty soon. Today’s post is only a little preview to start this new topic on and to show you my colourful Adidas StellaSport workout …
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Flounce Skirt

Today I wanna share one of my favourite outfits from Sydney so far. 🙂 These pictures were taken yesterday after a huge workout, another shooting and a bit of work. Flounce Skirt I bought this skirt a couple of days before my flight to Sydney, it was one of those Last-Minute-Buys, because I just had …
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Mini x Cropped

I’ve been here in Sydney for two weeks now and it really doesn’t feel like two weeks. Time flies, but that’s not bad, because I’m really looking forward to our west coast trip and better yet, I’m going to see my boyfriend again in April – finally!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to share this adventure …
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