I just noticed, that I have a few garments with leopard print in my closet and because this print is still in fashion, I made it the topic of the new Mood Week, which starts tomorrow.

Not all of you’ll love the upcoming Mood Week, because not everybody is a fan of leo, I know. First even I wasn’t sure about this print, there are several things you can do wrong. Leo often scrams “look at me”, but it don’t have to. It can look cheap, but it can look pecious and chic as well. It all depends on the garment and how you combine it.

We’ve created five different outfits with different leo garments to show you different ways how to wear Leo. You can get every garment in leo print: shoes, pants, t-shirts, tops, sweaters, jackets, …. the list is endless. Among others I chose a leo dress, leo sweatpants, a leo coat and a leo scarf for this mood week. I hope you’ll like it 🙂

Mood Week: Leo Print