It’s time for another Mood Week. Last time I forgot to create a collage as a preview for the upcoming Mood Week, I’m sorry about that! Hope you liked the last Mood Week anyway. 🙂

During next week, Mood Week, it will be all about the black dress. You’ll see different black dresses I own in different combinations. You’ll see maxi dresses and short ones, you’ll see sporty and chic looks. Stay tuned…. 🙂

The black dress is an essential, it’s a MUST and you should have at least one black dress in your closet! I counted my black dresses the other day and guess what? I do not own one, I have 11! Three maxi dresses and the other ones are short. Well, you see, you can never have enough of black dresses. They are all different, none looks like the other. But how to find the right black dress? First you should decide whether you want a short or a long one. Then try a few and the most important thing is, that you feel comfortable in it. From my point of view thats it! Some might say, that there are more criteria…

Do you own a black dress? What kind of black dress do you own?