As I told you at the beginning of this month, I planned to create a new category for my blog: the Fashion ABC. I want to explain some terms of the world of fashion just like different styles, clothes, concepts, designers and so on. Today I’ll start this new section by talking about a new trend: Mules.

The mule has received a makeover! What comes to your mind while thinking about mules? Well, quite a few of you will hate them, thinking of your grandma wearing them, right? 😉 But designers like Céline, Philip Lim, Jenny Kanye and Victoria Beckham gave them a much needed make-over for this sping season: a higher heel, a more modern look and no “clack-clack”-sound anymore.

The strapless, slip-on shoe convinces with it’s easiness and coolness. A shoe you can wear from day to night and there’s nothing that reminds you of the clogs you might know from the 60s. Just give them a chance, I’m sure you’re going to change your mind 🙂

I’ve created a little collection with a few examples – low and high budget! Do you have any favourites?

Please let me know if you have further questions about the mule, e.g. if you need outfit ideas 🙂