It’s not a secret that there are some basics every woman needs in her wardrobe, the wardrobe essentials. In this post I want to share with you some of these key pieces, that will stay with you forever – well, at least they won’t change with the trends, because they’ll probably never go out of style. Another point is that we need these basics as a basis for almost every outfit. But what kind of basics do we really need?

White T-Shirt

The white T-Shirt is one of my favourite basics, because it’s so easy to dress is up as well as down. It offers you endless combinations and is one of the garments you can combine with everything. Of course, there a different styles just as a boyfriend, destroyed, pocket or v-neck white t-shirts, but they all are very versatile.

White Button-Down

Another white basic you need in your closet is the white button-down or white shirt. Wear it oversized, skintight or tied up and create different looks from chic to edgy. The white button-down is not only made for business looks, it’s much more. It all depends on the cut, a skintight white shirt is probably the best choice when it comes to business looks, but an oversized white button-down is perfect for your everyday looks and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing the day you want to wear it. Here are some pretty nice white button-downs:


Why we all need a blazer in our wardrobe? Because it is an essential for work as well as a night out and everything in between – you can wear a blazer from day to night. 😉 And there is not this ONE blazer everybody needs, there are different cuts, styles and colours and you can choose the one you like best. What about one of the following?

Leather Jacket

My all time favourite: the leather jacket. I have not only one, I have SEVERAL leather jackets in my wardrobe, because I can’t live without them. It’s the perfect basic item to top off every look and to add this super cool rocking touch. But they don’t have to look rocking since there are so many different cuts and styles. They are much more one of those classy garments you can wear on almost every occasion – it all depends on the combination as well the cut and style. Btw.: your basic leather jacket doesn’t have to be real leather, because there are a lot faux leather jackets that look identical to real leather.

Skinny Jeans

It can take years to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans and if you finally find it make sure to buy at least to different colours – I would suggest blue and black. Why? Because skinny jeans are one of the wardrobe essentials you can combine with almost everything, well maybe with everything. And black and blue jeans are the ones you can combine with almost every other colours, you can never go wrong with these two colours! The ways to combine skinny jeans are endless, from casual to chic. What are you waiting for? Go and find yourself skinny jeans that suit you best. 😉


The LBD… to be honest I haven’t found the perfect one yet. But it’s definitely one of the wardrobe essentials. The little black dress is probably not one of those garments we wear everyday and on every occasion, but it’s one of the garments we need for chic occasions. If you want a timeless LBD always remember to keep it simple. But a LBD doesn’t have to be simple to be one of your wardrobe essentials. Even a LBD with cut outs or fringes can be one of your wardrobe essentials as long as it’s versatile and elegant.

Black Heels

Last but not least let’s talk about the shoes every woman and every girl needs in her wardrobe. There is not only one pair of shoes we need, but I’ll focus on two different styles only. The first one are black heels. We need a nice pair of black heels, because it can turn your casual looks into chicer ones plus they go with everything. There’s no chance to go wrong with a pair of classic black high heels and it doesn’t matter how high the heel is and if they have a pointed or round toe.

White Sneaker

Another wardrobe essential are white sneaker in contradistinction to black heels. White sneaker are one of the biggest trends this year, but I think it’s one of the timeless basics we need – not only this year. The past year and of course this year have been showing us, that you can combine white sneaker with everything from dresses to jeans. The combination with dresses and skirts can be a bit tricky, but it’s no longer a no-go! Even if the trends change and even if it won’t be fashionable to wear sneaker with almost everything anymore, we still can wear them with jeans and shorts.